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Restorative Movement with Michele McGinnis

Restorative Movement therapyYou are how you move, how much you move, and how much of you moves. The body you have now was created from your movement history – habits that left parts of you painful and immobile, while other parts continue to express health.

Michele McGinnis is a movement practitioner with certifications as a Restorative Exercise Specialist, Healthy Foot Practitioner, and Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200). In a Restorative Movement session, you’ll explore alignment, learn corrective exercises, and experience novel, varied movements that can help you discover and improve, where you may be missing strength, flexibility, mobility, and breath.

Restorative Movement can help if you:

  • feel tight, stiff, achy or painful
  • have stopped activities that you enjoy because you fear pain or injury
  • don’t move as much or as well as you used to
  • are not as strong as you desire
  • feel like you don’t breathe well
  • want to begin a safe and effective exercise program or yoga practice
  • need help modifying exercise or yoga practice due to an injury, surgery, or chronic condition

Restoring full range of movementEvaluation and Continuing Sessions

An initial 90 minute evaluation session allows you time to discuss with Michele your current concerns, ways you continue to express health, how you spend your time, what you would be doing if pain or your current issue were less of a problem, and what you would like to accomplish together. She’ll help you discover your habitual postures and tensions and explore new ways to align your body that can have immediate changes in how you feel in your feet, hips, shoulders, etc. You’ll also start moving in this session and will leave with a set of restorative exercises that you can start practicing right away.

Continuing movement sessions with Michele are 60 minutes and can be scheduled at your desired frequency.

Call Tammy in Dr. Kara Lolley’s office to set up an evaluation session with Michele - 509-759-7470