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What is Reiki?


Reiki is described as Universal Life Force Energy.  The word consists of two parts: the syllable Rei describes the universal, boundless aspect of this energy and Ki symbolizes the vital life force energy flowing in all living things.  Reiki carries many levels of meaning in the kanji ideogram.  While universal refers to presence everywhere, a more accurate translation is supernatural knowledge or spiritual consciousness.  This is the wisdom that comes from God or Higher Self.  In India, this flow of intelligence, or Creation, is called Prana which, it is found, can be increased or decreased at will, moved here and there, and manipulated to keep the physical body orderly and young.   According to Deepak Chopra, M.D. in his book, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, the ability to contact and use Prana is within all of us.  He states that Prana can be moved using nothing more than attention, for at a deep level, attention and Prana are the same—life is awareness, awareness is life.


The client who receives a Reiki Treatment from a Reiki-attuned practitioner will facilitate healing for himself or herself from a divinely-guided source, healing that most recognizably coincides with feelings of well-being, clarity, and relaxation.  The practitioner also experiences healing coming from this source as a benefit to himself or herself.  It has been said that the Universe’s intention for us collectively and individually is to maintain an ultimate state of health.  Reiki energy therefore seeks to harmonize.  It is powerful and gentle.  It knows where to go to integrate mind, body, spirit, and emotion toward wholeness.  The release of energy blocks may be experienced consciously or unconsciously, immediately or on-goingly for a few days after the session concludes.  The healing may reconnect the client with an uncomfortable memory, physical challenge, or negative pattern that seeks freedom and unconditional love.  In this case, a temporarily distracting experience gives way to a higher consciousness in the mind/body connection.  Continual Reiki treatments lead to adjustments in energy patterns that can bring long term benefits.


Reiki is performed naturally and safely through gentle hand placements over the clothing of a client while he or she is seated or lying prone and then supine on a massage table.  A Reiki treatment can be facilitated with hands on or in proximity of the contact points while not touching the client.  The client may experience physical energy movement and/or relaxation that may manifest as laughter, crying, warm or hot sensations, or falling asleep.  The Reiki practitioner is understanding of and available to the client’s physical expressions and will hold a safe and confidential space for them.  The client is encouraged to relax, gently observe these reactions and allow the positive flow of energy. 

Peace Roots Reiki

Peace Roots Reiki speaks to the depth of grounding you wish to achieve within your well-being.  It is named for the possibility of creating and sustaining deep roots of peace, and the amount you as the Reiki client choose for yourself during a session.  The universe is made up of unmeasurable depth.  So are you because you are the universe.  In making your choice to heal, you heal yourself, your family, your relation to or your place in this community and in the world.  Nothing is separate, but sometimes it takes one or more restorative Reiki sessions to feel your deep connection, to remove any temporary barriers, and to sense your valuable contributions just by being alive. 



Susan Burdick, Reiki MasterSusan Burdick, Reiki Master

Susan was attuned to Traditional Usui Reiki Levels I, II, and Master in 1996 in Seattle, Washington.  She provided sessions and attunements to those available to its gentle and powerful energy.  An opportunity to learn Expressive Arts Therapy came in 1999 in a year-long class that expanded her knowledge and tools for healing.  She then continued on a path of Reiki exploration by learning Karuna Reiki and Shambala Reiki.  Susan moved to Yakima in 2011 and waited for the appropriate moment to connect with Dr. Kara Lolley & Associates to offer Reiki Sessions in a beautiful, comfortable, healing environment in Yakima’s downtown medical offices district.





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