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We've gone SOLAR!

Trying to keep our office as GREEN, as possible, we're proud to announce that we've had solar panels installed on our office rooftop. Installed by Ellensburg Solar Energy


New Featured Artist

Deborah Ann is our newest Artist installation ~ come in and view the amazing fabric ARTworks


Farmers Market Series: Fall Cooking Class
by Elaina Moon owner of Healthy Eats Nutrition Services

It’s the farmer’s market season and fall produce in Yakima Valley is approaching! I love to introduce new, fresh, and delicious dishes during this time of year especially as the fall season rolls in. Come join me for the second class in the Farmers Market Cooking Class series that will utilize the fresh fall produce you will find at the market. Salads, mains, desserts, breakfasts, you name it, and this class series has it. Class will include some perfect recipes from last year's farmer's market series and some brand new lovely dishes to excite our plates. This is a demo style class with five recipes learn how to make and taste including: African Peanut Eggplant Stew, Creamy Pumpkin Kale Soup, Bahn Mi Bowls, and much more! Only 12 spots available. Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable to another person. Get your spot while they last! See you in class!

Friday, 27 October 2017 - 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT

Class Location:
Dr. Lolley and Associates
307 South 12th Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902

Healthy Gut class

ALSO - Elaina is planning a collaborative "Healthy GUT " class with Dr. Kara and myself, Tammy for 6 weeks in Jan/Feb 2018 ~ it would be great to get some input from our patients on what they'd like to learn about this issue, so please call the office or email me with ideas and/or questions.


Bowenwork Basics Class

In case some of you missed Nick's Bowenwork Basics class, his system of muscle and connective tissue therapy continues to awe those who relate to the small, gentle moves he applies to the body to balance the nervous system and stimulate our innate healing mechanisms.

This practice addresses back pain, sciatica; digestive & bowel problems; ear & TMJ issues; headaches; fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue; hip, knee, ankle & foot problems; women and men's hormonal imbalances; carpal tunnel & tennis elbow; as well as, auto-immune issues.

The next Bowenwork Basics class will be October 23rd, at 12:00 to 1:30 and 5:00 to 6:30. Please RSVP as space is limited. Call for an appointment today!


Season for Viruses

We're making sure that our Viral supplements are stocked, so that you can prevent the little "bugs" from getting you down.


Harvest Time - non-GMO Meats available

For those of you looking for healthy meat alternatives, Dr. Lolley's own Rufus Rock Farm is offering 1/2 or whole shares of non-GMO fed Idaho Pasture Pigs($4.50lb), Katahdin sheep ($6.00lb) plus cut/wrap fees (approx $.75lb). They also have Heritage Bronze Turkeys for $5.00lb. Get your orders in ~ (509)966-3046



Bowen Arrow Bodyworks is offering a Two-fer special for $100 ~ 2 clients at one time in separate rooms for $50.00 each. Trial Package/3 sessions for $168.00 (save $42.00) for first time clientele. Nick Malmstrom @ (509) 901-3686

Footlove Yoga/Restorative movement offers a first time 90 minute session for $100, with additional sessions at one hour @ $65.00 or 4 pack sessions for $240.00. Michele McGinnis at (865) 235-8278


Mosquito Bites


Mosquito's bite those of us who are deficient in Vitamin B's, especially B1 (thiamine).

Besides supplementation, foods that are rich in Thiamine are: alfalfa, almonds, avocado, barley, sprouted and whole wheat & grains, bee pollen, broccoli, dates, figs, garlic, ginseng (korean), gotu kola, greens, kelp, lentils, nutritional yeast, onion, parsley, peas, pecans, prunes, raisins, rice (wild), seeds, spirulina, sprouts (all), wheat grass, and vegetables.

If you do get bit ~ a dampened green tea bag placed on the bite will relieve the sting and itch, as will a dab of honey, aloe vera gel or rubbing a fresh basil leaf on it.

SUMMER SAVINGS ~ 10% off any B complex supplements!

Summer News

NEW ~ We've blended 7 essential oils: Ginger, Camphor, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Cinnamon leaf as a penetrating, warming analgesic, antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties. This blend was formulated to accompany Bowenwork, Nick's soft tissue technique of bodywork. Thereto, we've named it BowenArrow Body oil ~ 1/2 oz - $7.50 and 1 oz - $15.00; also, available in 10ml roll-on for $15.00.

Our newest artist is Paul Henderson, there are 26 new pieces hanging throughout the office ~ colorful, experimental and soothing.

Two Team Members featured in the April Yakima Magazine

Kudos to YAKIMA magazine for their April edition's articles featuring Elaina Moon (Healthy Eats Nutrition Services) and Michele McGinnis (Footlove Yoga & Yoga Collective). It is always great to see our associates being promoted in a positive light.

Congratulations to Michele McGinnis for the feature article on "Michele McGinnis: Bringing Yoga and Yakima Together"

Congratulations to Elaina Moon for the feature article on "Vegetables: Try Them You Just May Like Them!"


What we Offer

Naturopathy; Nutritional Counsel; Acupuncture; Bowenwork; Structural Relief Therapy; Swedish Massage; Health & Nutrition coaching; Yoga; Restorative Movement; Exercise Therapy; Full Dispensary of Supplements; Natural/Fragrance-Free skin care; Lending Library; and, Local Artwork on display and for sale.

Foot Health Tip:  Are your shoes wide enough?

By Michele McGinnis, Movement Practitioner

Remove the factory insoles from your shoes and stand on them. Spread your toes wide. If your feet spill over the edges of the insoles, your shoes are too small, you are damaging your big toe joints, and most likely creating a bunion. 

Create a portable insole the size of your foot to take with you shoe shopping. Here’s how:

Stand on stiff card stock/cardboard and spread your toes wide. Have someone trace your foot and cut out the shape. You should be able to insert this shape into any shoe you plan to put on your foot. If not, then that shoe is too small and wearing it will damage your foot over time. Find my healthy shoe list at 

New clinical evidence of the effectiveness of Bowenwork® is treatment of:

High Blood Pressure
Digestion Issues

I believe strongly that the benefits of Bowenwork® are cumulative and that a consistent schedule of Bowenwork® can really help you and your body cope with stress, overuse, and injury.

Warmest Regards ~ Nick Malmstrom


Naturopaths Offer Patients Alternatives In Health Care

Dr. Lolley's naturopathic practice was featured in a July 2016 issue of the Yakima Business Times.

Dr. Kara Lolley Acupuncture yakima

We Want to Know ... What's your favorite food blog?

We want to make it easier for you to share your favorite recipes from your favorite food blogs so we decided to make a page of links to all the amazing food blogs our wonderful patients like to follow. We just need your input. It can be anything! Targeted to those who have a certain disease: diabetes, heart disease, cancer.  Maybe it's all about a certain food style: paleo or vegan. It could even be your blog if you have one! If it motivates you to eat healthier, it will motivate someone else!

Send us an email or give us a call and let us know the name of the blog so we can put it up!

email: phone: 509.759.7470

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