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Exercise Therapy with Tom Kelleher

Exercise Therapy with Tom Kelleher


Tom with friendsFocusing on body alignment and pain-free movement

Tom is an exercise therapist who is certified through Egoscue University and water therapy to empower you to achieve better mobility and range of motion with less pain.

Why should you start Exercise Therapy?

To experience pain-free movement and your full potential of mobility.  Tom’s ability to combine exercises designed to enhance alignment, along with water therapy, is unique and exceptionally effective.

Exercise Therapy Basics

If you are new to the Exercise Therapy Program, this group is for you. Your body alignment will be evaluated by Tom and you will receive a minimum of 3 posture therapy menus made to address your specific needs.

Each class lasts 1 hour and classes are held every Wednesday. There are 2 class times available.

Your initial commitment is for 8 weekly sessions with Tom in a group setting. The sessions will alternate between classroom and pool. A large part of your commitment is to do your assigned “menu” 6 days weekly at home, which takes approximately 20 minutes. Pool time is highly encouraged.

(Cost of pool admission is not included; inquire at Yakima Lion’s Pool for admission prices - phone: 509.575.6046 or

Exercise Therapy Advanced

Once you have completed your initial 8-week Basics sessions, you are eligible to join the Advanced Exercise Therapy sessions.

This group is offered as a way for clients to stay pain free and reach their full potential of mobility. Clients will have the opportunity to practice their menus and get feedback and coaching from Tom. Weekly alternating classroom and pool sessions are offered morning and evening, just as in the Basics sessions.

Basics & Beyond

(call Tom for pricing and availability 509.494.3738 )

New menus

Clients who have completed the 8-week Basics session will have the ability to request an alignment review and new menus from Tom at any point, as they see fit.

Individual Sessions

For more individual attention, you may schedule private sessions with Tom. There are single price sessions available, as well as 8-session and 16-session pricing packages.  These sessions are made by appointment by calling Tom.

In-Person/Skype Program

This program is ideal for participants who live out of town but need personal coaching.

Online/Email Sessions

Tom offers online/email exercise therapy sessions for individuals who are out of the area or who have mobility issues.

Pain Free Book

Read about the revolutionary Egoscue Method and become truly pain free.


Call Tom Kelleher today at 509.494.3738 to experience your full potential of mobility!


Classroom Sessions

All classroom sessions are held at the office of Dr. Kara Lolley, 307 S. 12th Ave, Suite #20, Yakima.

Pool Sessions

Pool Sessions are held at Lions Pool 509 W. Pine St., Yakima, but during summer months they will be held at Franklin Pool 2101 Teieton Dr., Yakima.