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Featured Artist

Each quarter, we feature artwork from a different local artist throughout the clinic.  We welcome local artists to bring samples of their portfolios to the office for a chance to become a featured artist and display their artwork in our lovely office.  Here are some examples of our featured artists’ artwork:

Presenting Artist Paul Henderson

local Yakima artists"Northwest Artist with an International Touch"

His artistic interests and subjects are wide and varied. He loves the Northwest wilderness and wildlife. But he also enjoys world history, cultures and geography, therefore he calls himself "NW artist with the international touch". He does super realistic to completely abstract, from fantasy to painting with coffee. Most are acrylic but some are water color, oil and mixed media. His most recent series are still lifes with contemporary backgrounds and more detail in the foreground including wine settings. And now he is starting to experiment with concentrated grape juice on some of the wine settings. His goal to create life, light and energy in his varied subjects and media. After all, variety is the spice of life!

For more information on Paul Henderson, visit his website.

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Paul Henderson, artist

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