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Featured Artist

Each quarter, we feature artwork from a different local artist throughout the clinic.  We welcome local artists to bring samples of their portfolios to the office for a chance to become a featured artist and display their artwork in our lovely office.  Here are some examples of our featured artists’ displays:


Monique McFadden

Monque loved dabbling in art since she was little, but didn’t really discover watercolor until about 14 years ago.  She took a watercolor class at Allied Arts from her friend, Carmen Petersen, and was hooked!  What started out as a hobby eventually turned into, well, a little something more.

Monique loves the unpredictability of watercolor; a piece almost never turns out as originally planned!  As a person who likes to plan, this is a good thing for her to experience because it takes her out of her comfort zone.  Watercolor requires a great amount of time and patience; good practice for a busy working mother, wife, and teacher.  It’s also an excellent creative outlet that can become quite consuming.  Her inspiration comes mostly from the outdoors, and florals are her favorites, but Monique also likes to do some whimsical pieces that are often inspired by her two lovely daughters.

Monique has shown her work locally at Allied Arts, Oak Hollow, and Essencia Bakery, along with a gallery near her cabin in Priest Lake, Idaho.  She makes originals, prints, and cards.  Monique also does the artwork every year for the Catholic Family Services fundraiser, and is always happy to do commissioned work as well.  Monique has taught art classes for years at Allied Arts and has worked as an Artist-In-Residence for ESD 105.







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